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A: We provide you complete pre-sale, in-sale and after sale services including customized turn-key project, home visit, training employees, looking for sales of products and other services for customers.

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1. Un-brightness of the pipe outer surface

Analysis and method:①Exit die temperature is too low; increase the temperature.②cooling water quantity of the calibrator is too much; reduce the water supply.

2. Water wave on the outer surface

Analysis and method:①Exit die temperature is too high; decrease the temperature.②cooling is too fast, pipe extrusion speed is not stable; adjust the haul-off speed.

3.Cloud wave on the outer surface

Analysis and method:①Material is not well mixed; increase the stirring during mixing.②Temperature of the perforated plate filter is too high.

4.Bubbles on the pipe wall

Analysis and method:①Material is wet, and moisture and volatile matter content is too high.②Extrusion temperature is too high, material is over melted; reduce extruding temperature.

5.Cracks on the inner surface

Analysis and method:①Impurity matters mixed into the raw material. The cracks occur in the position where the impurity matters are.②Die core temperature is too low, increase the temperature.③Material extruding is not even, adjust the gap between the exit die and the die core to make sure the material extruding evenly.

6.Pipe rotation

Analysis and method:①Material extruding on the exit die position is not even, adjust the gap of exit die to make the material coming out evenly, especially when producing small size pipes.②Heating of die head is not even, adjust it.

7.Pipe bent

Analysis and method:①Pipe thickness is not even, adjust the exit die.②Cooling is too slow, increase the cooling water to speed up the cooling.③Position of cooling flume is not right.

8.Outer diameter is not stable.

Analysis and method:①Compressed air control is not stable and air pressure is not stable, check the air supply system.②Haul-off speed is not even, check the haul-off unit to make sure it is stable and without slip.


1. Degradation

Analysis and method:①Strictly control the specification of the raw material to make sure the material is qualified.②Design Cooling is too slow, increase the cooling water to speed up the cooling.③Good structure of the forming machine and mold and should get rid of the blind corner and gap on the connecting section of the machine and material; the flow channel should be streamline structure with perfect length; improve the heating device to enhance the sensitivity of the temperature display device and the efficiency of the cooling system.

2. Bending deflection

Analysis and method:①Adjust the concentricity and levelness of the extruder, exit die, forming die and water tank when changing dies.②Carefully assemble the exit die to make sure the gap accordance of the each part before start the machine. If material is coming out evenly, adjust the exit die temperature based on the profile bending direction. If this does not work, increase the material plasticizing rate. ③Increase the cooling water quantity for the side where bearing stronger stress; adjust the position bolt of the forming mold on the counter direction of the profile bending direction while production. ④ Good mold maintenance is a good prevention measures; pay attention to the production quality of the mold and conduct mold maintenance according to actual situation.


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