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1.Main motor do not work


Reason: wrong startup procedure. The main motor thread in question, whether the fuse is burnt out or not.


Solution: Check the program, re-start according to the correct order. Check the main motor circuit. Check whether the oil pump starts, check the state of interlock device associated with the main motor. After induction electric of inverter is not placed, turn off the main power to wait five minutes and then restart. Check the emergency button is reset.


2. Unusual sounds from main motor


Reason: the bearing of main motor damaged. One SCR of main motor thyristor rectifier circuit damaged.


Solution: Replace the main motor bearings. Check the thyristor rectifier circuit, replace the thyristors when necessary.


3. Host current instability


Reason: feeding uneven, the main motor bearing damaged or poor lubrication, certain heater failure, unheated, screw adjustment pad wrong, or phase wrong, element interference.


Solution: Check the feeder, troubleshooting. Overhaul the main motor, replace bearings if necessary. Check the heater is working properly, replace the heater if necessary. Check adjusting pad, pull out the screw to check whether the interference.


4.The main motor bearing temperature is too high


Reason: poor bearing lubrication. Bearings badly worn.


Solution: Check and add lubricant. Check the motor bearings, replace if necessary.


5.Discharge impeded or blocked


Reason: Certain heater does not work, material plasticizing bad.  Low operation temperature setting, or broad plastic molecular weight distribution, unstable. There may be not easily melt foreign matter.

Solution: Check the heater and replace if necessary. Verify the paragraphs setting temperature, if necessary, in consultation with the craft to increase the temperature setting. Cleanup and check extrusion system and handpiece.


6.The main motor starting current is too high


Reason: inadequate heating time, big torque. Certain heater does not work.


Solution: use hand turning when start the machine. If not easy, then extend the heating time or check the segment heaters are working properly.




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